Here I share with you, dear reader, my work: my texts, thoughts, compositions, songs and poems, with the purpose of dividing part of me, part of what I am. I hope that by addressing topics such as our inner self, our emotions and the world around us, among others subjects, we can think how to find ways to make life more enjoyable and, perhaps, the world a better place.

"When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses."


John F. Kennedy


    If someday my name becomes worthy of any merit, so that I may have my memory honored in some way, let it happen on a day where people can also honor it with my words and thoughts. On a day when my sincerest words, in fact, are credited and acted upon; all and for all.


    In a single day, as in any other. On a day when each one wins the pride and the fear within. Pride and fear of greeting those who look at they during a simple walk on the street.

    May the arrogance and pettiness of eyes that contemptuously watch a hungry man thrown into the gutter, watching those who wait for a simple gesture of affection, for receiving a simple "good morning."


    On a day when it is no longer necessary to see a hungry man in the gutter, not because your ignoring your own vision, but because he is just no longer there.


    A day when there are no more homeless people, more hungry, more deprived of capital.

    No more needy of a home, needy of love.

    Of the love of everyone who is afraid to love.

    Anyway, one day when my words are honored through attitudes by those who see them as important, even before my memory - after all, that's really what matters least.

    On a day when the phrase “love of neighbor” finally becomes as real and concrete as my nation's motto (Order and Progress).


    One day when everyone finally overcomes the weather of the outer world and the inner ego present within each one so that finally they can exercise what for some is called utopia, but which for me is our only great truth: grand and unchanging, undeniable truth, called love.



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"Before you judge by appearance I want you to know:


Once I've met beautiful bodies

That were nothing more in addition to just that

Once I met brilliant minds

And radiant hearts

Outwardly not so sparkling 

Beauty is like a double-edged sword

And it can hurt you if you're inattentive

Like a coin, it has two sides

And unlike one
Their values ​​change depending on the side you choose

It's up to us to know

Which side of it we really want to see."


"Do nothing that may cause you future regret. Otherwise, do in the first place all that you may later regret for not having done.


Opportunities come and go, and it is necessary to wisely and cautiously observe which of these are indeed opportunities and which are life's pitfalls so as not to make irreparable mistakes.


After all, life is too short to mourn for what it was and what it could be. "

"Fight to rise like a skyscraper, but if you stumble to the ground, remember: from there it's easier to pay attention to details, to perceive things and errors that, upon to the stars, would be invisible.

So make your falls opportunities to reevaluate your conduct, remembering that even the largest and most beautiful of buildings collapses if it does not have it's well-structured base."

"It's not aways the size of your talent that makes you shine, but the itensity of the light you irradiate."

"I appreciate beauty, but I admire wisdom."

"What differs the sage from the cult is nothing but his ability to abstain from his vanity once aware of his own limitations."

"The old saying is that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I see that ignorance is even older."

"Among the most diverse instruments to be played as a way of transmitting love, the one that makes the most beautiful sound it's the heart.


    Born in São Paulo - Brazil, Paolo Vallinari ponders about the world since he was a very young child. His thoughts have always hovered over social and political issues, such as humanity's lack of love and care with nature and with those mistreated by society, whether due to their race, sexuality, appearence, financial status or lifestyle.


    At about 8 years old, he adopted vegetarianism and began writing short fantasy stories, as well as some poems for his childhood loves. After years on hiatus, in 2011 he writen a poem titled "Tempo Parado" (Stopped Time), inspired by the rain falling at his garden, returning to transpose his thoughts about life and the world into paper, whether through songs, poems, texts, sonnets or quotations. ​As expected, political, environmental and social issues are usually addressed in his songs. At the same time, he also writes a lot about love, often using his own life experience as inspiration and basis to produce his work.


    In 2012, he joined Anhembi Morumbi University to improve his knowledge in phonographical and music production. Teaming up with his old college fellows, in 2018 he recorded his first single, Passarinho, made in memory to his late dad after he passed away on May 2012. The song was then released in 2019 on the date Father's Day is celebrated in Brazil (11th August) being well received by critics. Exactly two months later, it's music video was released, thus launching the young artist to his promising musical journey.

"To be what I am today, I once was several men, and if I meet those, I am not ashamed of them. They were stages of what I am. All I know has cost the pains of experience. I have respect for those who seek, for those who grope, for those who err. And, most importantly, I am convinced that my light would be extinguished if I were the only one to possess it. "





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